"What a pleasure to listen to not only a world- class pianist and composer, but an artist whose music translates beyond its genre to lift the audience to belief and hope in the power of the human spirit. 

I have been honored to be present at several of Eric's concerts.  Every time with every unique audience nuance, those present felt the power of Eric's music and his words clearly elevated people.”  

Jim Caviezel - Star of The Passion of The Christ, Person of Interest

"Our entire family has been graced with experiencing first-hand the recordings and concerts of the incredibly gifted Eric Genuis. 

Words cannot convey the truly captivating, mesmerizing power his compositions have to embrace the soul emotionally, intellectually, purposefully.  

Each piece he presents showers a person with his personal interest, respect and love.  

Our household actually feels incomplete without the serenity and vigor of his music playing on a loop in the background!" 

Kevin James - Star of King of Queens, Hitch, Paul Blart, Mall Cop, Pixels. 

“What a refreshing and new approach to music. Eric's creations are moving, but exhilarating, thoughtful, but so enjoyable. You just want to listen to them over and over again!”

Stephen McEveety - Executive Producer of Braveheart, We Were Soldiers, The Passion of the Christ

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